Maria Papageorgiou was born in 1984 in Grevena,Greece. She lives and works as a musician and vocal teacher.

She has released six personal albums, three of which based on originally composed songs. One of them is the album "4 years on Mondays" which contains unreleased live recordings of her more than 50 appearances at the "Stavros tou Notou", the other one is a collectible vinyl entitled " Three Degrees" in her own lyrics and composition and ,finally, "Correspondence", her most recent work, proposed by Mikis Theodorakis himself on the occasion of the re-recording of the song "Ximeroni". The album was recorded live at Skrow Theater and features her covers of mostly "hidden" songs , but also more popular ones.

In 2016 she released her first book, "a glimmer of panic", a personal narrative about panic attacks.The same year she founded the music group "Homebound" and since then she has been organizing concerts all over Greece and in special places in Athens such as Gazarte, Garden of Megaron, Goulandri Museum, Skrow Theater etc.

All this time she has participated in other artists' albums as a performer, musician and songwriter. This year she made her debut as an actress in the play "Noura, mourning blues" by stage director and playwright Vassia Argenti.

Maria Papageorgiou has also written orchestral themes for short films and radio shows. She has also performed at Quasi Stellar of Choreographer Apostolia Papadamaki.Besides, as a member of the “Copernicus” band of Angelos Angelou and Emy Sini,has participated in children's musicals at "Hellenic Cosmos" cultural centre and "Megaron". During the spring,2020 and the covid-19 pandemic, Maria released digitally the cd "ESORiA" which includes her covers of seven songs fom the global repertoir while at the same time she is bringing to completion her next cd in collaboration with composer and conductor Stavros Roumeliotis.

Her basic teamates on stage all these years:

Ntinos Manos : bass
Kriton Bellonias | Nikos Papavranousis : drums
Stavros Roumeliotis : guitars
Christos Tolis : piano , harmonioum
Michalis Vrettas : violin
Sofia Efkleidou : cello
Kosmas Lambidis (Usurum) : ney