"A glimmer of panic"

A personal perspective on panic attacks by Maria Papageorgiou including notes and pages from her personal diary..

"... It isn't that easy to explain how, suddenly, somebody else, an other Maria than me, gets into my brain and commands it. I'm frightened and short of breath, I sweat, my heart races, my eyes blur.The simplest daily thing is getting to be too hard for me...Oh, god! Let somebody take the steering wheel off my hands. The bus behind is chasing me, I have no place to pull up. The phone's ringing, I love you, but I'm gasping, I can't say it to you.

There are two sides to a coin in panic attacks.
Having lived for more than ten years with panic attacks, I tried to recap my experiences, my innermost thoughts and results from them and share them with you.
When you have read this personal narrative, I hope you will turn to the other side of the coin: the optimistic one.
The optimistic side does exist, as long as we are willing to see it."